ICG manages nonprofit trade associations on behalf of their Boards of Directors.  ICG also creates and manages special interest groups on behalf of for-profit companies seeking to build closer relationships with important user segments. 

We provide two levels of service depending on the needs of the client. 

Projects.  Established associations frequently need help developing and testing new programs, or finding a strategic response to changes in their market.  For-profit companies considering the creation of a user group often test the waters with a single meeting or event.  ICG makes available our skilled and experienced staff for:

  • Strategic review of mission and vision
  • Creating, testing and implementing new programs
  • Organizing and conducting fundraising campaigns
  • Conceiving, developing and executing a user meeting or event

Outsourced Management.  Associations and companies can also take advantage of ICG's ability to provide a complete outsourced solution, including:

  • Membership development & management
  • Membership communications via Web, email and social media
  • Identification of funding sources and new revenue streams
  • Sponsorship and underwriting sales
  • Board liaison and meetings management
  • Events: conferences, workshops, receptions and education
  • Program development and management
  • Chapter development

Our association and special interest group solutions leverage the latest online tools, from searchable databases to social networking, to deliver services cost-effectively and build loyalty among members and users. 

Examples.  Click on the links below to read more about our transformative work.

  • Doubling Down, Turning Around.  A trade association, founded in 1983 to serve individuals working in the satellite industry, had reached a crossroads, with membership and income stagnant and costs too high.  More 
  • Renewing the Mission.  An industry association helped create a global movement, only to reach a dead end when technology markets changed.  More
  • Finding an Orphan a Better Home.  When the Board of the nonprofit decided that the special interest group was no longer relevant to its mission, its continued existence was thrown into doubt.  More
Next Steps.  To learn more about association and SIG management, contact Tamara Bond at 212-825-1582 x103 or tbond@creating-communities.com